Multiple Wellness Centers of PA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Opening in Pennsylvania in Early 2018

Multiple Wellness Centers of PA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Opening in Pennsylvania in Early 2018

On December 7, 2017, Wellness Centers of PA in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania announced that its medical marijuana dispensary affiliate network would open sometime in the middle of the first quarter of 2018. This network includes locations in Altoona, Bradford, Brookville, Dubois and Gettysburg. There are 27 permitted dispensaries in Pennsylvania in total, although Wellness Centers of PA is the sole network consortium of affiliated dispensaries permitted to open multiple locations. Wellness Centers of PA will open six dispensaries in all, becoming the single largest medical marijuana dispensary service provider in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program allows for patients suffering from any of 17 different medical conditions to safely and legally access medical marijuana services and products, as per the Medical Marijuana Act. Many of the conditions for which medical marijuana is permitted in the state are terminal while all 17 of them are debilitating.

Wellness Centers of PA dispensaries have been carefully designed to surpass the standards the state has set forth in its regulations so it can offer as professional and safe environment for patients as possible. At each dispensary site, there will be medical professionals and pharmacists licensed by the state available on hand. All dispensary staff are trained for superior standards of professionalism and compassion.

At each of the Wellness Centers of PA dispensaries, patients will be able to purchase a range of medical marijuana product formulations and types. Among the kinds of medical marijuana delivery methods that will be available are topical creams, liquids, capsules, sublingual tinctures and vaporizer pens. Staff will help guide through the process of choosing the right forms and types of medication for their specific condition, needs and preferences. All Wellness Centers of PA medical marijuana products will be made in Pennsylvania and adhere to the states rigorous quality control standards.

Among the services that will be provided at Wellness Centers of PA locations are patient medical marijuana educational series. In these events, topics will be discussed like medical marijuana uses, the dispensary experience, cannabinoids and their medical benefits, getting your Pennsylvania medical marijuana identification card, methods of medical marijuana consumption and cannabis safety and side effects. Sessions last a couple of hours, include a question and answer period, and refreshments are provided.

The stated vision of the Wellness Centers of PA is to offer helpful solutions to those people in the communities they serve who are suffering from chronic diseases and conditions to manage their symptoms and better their quality of life. In this aim, Wellness Centers of PA offers each patient personalized care that honors their individual uniqueness, including an extensive private consultation with trained medical staff.

To receive medical marijuana legally from the Wellness Centers of PA, or any Pennsylvania dispensary, you must either be a patient or registered caregiver with a Pennsylvania medical marijuana ID card. Through the Safe Harbor program, parents, caregivers and legal guardians of minors under 18 years of age with a qualifying medical condition may still obtain marijuana from dispensaries like the Wellness Centers of PA for those minors’ medical use.

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