Legal Cannabis Businesses Growing in New York

Legal Cannabis Businesses Growing in New York

Forbes reports that just one part of the overall cannabis industry will experience growth staggering growth, becoming, in just three years’ time, a billion dollar industry. That piece of the overall cannabis market is CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, a hemp-derived product also present in cannabis that has performed remarkably in medical research on cannabis constituents over recent years. A marketing analysis agency, Brightfield Group, issued the predictions released in Forbes that include an estimated 55 percent compounded annual growth rate in the CBD market in the five years following the report’s October, 2017, release.

According to Brightfield’s research, 64.5 percent of all the revenue in the CBD market comes from online sales, with 17.8 percent of total market revenue coming from smoke shops. Cannabis dispensaries contributed to 9 percent of the total hemp-derived CBD market in the United States. Hemp CBD can be purchased legally in all 50 states.

In the Forbes article on the report, the group’s Director of Research said the team was surprised to discover how many businesses and of how many different kinds were operating in the hemp CBD space. Also surprising was, given that, how small the revenue from CBD sales was that each of these businesses typically generated/

Many of the leading companies manufacturing hemp-derived CBD products for sale in these markets are publicly-traded companies, including:

* AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc.
* Global Payout, Inc.
* Marijuana Company of America
* MassRoots, Inc.
* SinglePoint

One of these companies, Global Payout, announced on October 27, 2017, that, through a subsidiary, MoneyTrac Technology, Inc., of which it owns a majority share, it was about to increase sales and marketing efforts throughout Los Angeles County for the brand, PotSaver, that it recently acquired.

PotSaver is a community periodical as well as an online advertising platform that produces revenue by providing listings on cannabis products that can be purchased from area dispensaries and smoke shops at a discount. PotSaver has established a particularly solid presence already in San Diego County. The company plans to coincide the January 1 release of its premier PotSaver publication in Los Angeles with the legalization of recreational cannabis use in California, the country’s most populous state. After MoneyTrac Technology (MTRAC) acquired PotSaver in September of 2017 from its founder, Aaron Adler, it has received great community support in launching a successful campaign to extend its brand throughout Orange County, California as well. MTRAC management has been actively working to build its team for a successful Los Angeles launch. The team will be supervised by Adler himself, increasing PotSaver subscriptions through partnership with many of the area’s leading dispensaries and product and service providers.

The U.S. makes up 35 percent of the overall world pharmaceutical marketplace which, itself, is the largest single market on the globe. Understandably, that makes the pharmaceutical marketplace a key driver of the country’s economy. As the legal marijuana market only grows and spreads, the pharmaceutical market will be one of the first and hardest impacted. Already, Brightfield Group reports, use of certain major prescription drugs has decreased by 11 percent in states where medical cannabis use is legal. The CEO and Founder of New Frontier Data, another research firm, concurs, suggesting that at the current rate, medical cannabis products will become more and more prevalent as a patient’s preferred complement or substitute to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Hemp CBD has been found an effective form of treatment and relief from a wide range of illnesses and conditions. In fact, much of the medical value attributed to cannabis in general is actually attributable to the CBD content in the cannabis. Among the conditions and illnesses for which hemp CBD has already been found an effective form of treatment and relief are:

* anxiety disorders
* chronic pain
* nerve pain
* post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
* sleep disorders

New Online Medical Marijuana Doctor Service Launched for Easy Medical Marijuana Consultations with a Real Physician

A new online service,, has been launched in the New York medical cannabis industry providing patients with easy access to a pot doctor to receive medical marijuana authorization. The service allows patients from all over the state to get their online medical card without ever having to leave their home.

The service  is particularly helpful for people living in remote areas outside of urban centers where a pot doctor may be difficult to find as well as for people suffering from chronic or debilitating conditions that keep them housebound and unable to access the nearest doctor registered to authorize medical marijuana use in the state.

To receive an online evaluation, patients simply sign up for free on website to request a videoconference with a medical marijuana doctor online. If the doctor finds that the patient qualifies for medical marijuana certification, the patient pays a small fee to the doctor for a letter of authorization and another small fee to the state to be issued a state medical marijuana card. If the doctor finds during the evaluation that the patient does not qualify for medical marijuana authorization, the patient does not pay anything for the appointment. Doctor’s letters of authorization for medical marijuana use in New York state must be renewed every year. 420onlinedoctor charges a lower rate for renewal letters than it charges for first-time letters. $89 for renewal and $149 for new.
Note that, in New York state, a primary care physician cannot legally authorize medical marijuana use unless that doctor is enrolled as a member of the state’s medical cannabis program. Online appointments with doctors are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and are handled with 100 percent confidentiality. Doctors are also available to address follow-up questions and concerns at any point in between renewals. The only items you need with you during your appointment are proof of identity and proof of residency, such as a valid U.S. passport and a valid New York state driver’s license or ID card. Other accepted forms of New York state residency include a utility bill, a current lease document or a copy of an identification card issued by the government that includes your name and a residence address in New York state.

Keep in mind that receiving a letter of authorization from a New York marijuana doctor does not automatically entitle you to begin purchasing or cultivating, possessing and using marijuana just yet. You must also first take that letter of authorization down to the state health department, or submit it online through the New York Department of Health Medical Marijuana Program website in order to have an official state medical marijuana card issued to you identifying you as a certified medical marijuana patient.

The telemedicine features now being brought to bear for the medical marijuana industry by are supported by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on any computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet or other electronic device with access to the internet. If you do not yet have either of these web browsers on your devices, you can easily download and install them for free. If you are using IOS device please download our app. All communications and transactions conducted over this technology is completely secure.