How to Become a Designated Caregiver

Do you have a family member or someone else in your care who needs to obtain medical marijuana in the state of Arizona? Here’s how to become their Designated Caregiver.

First, your patient needs to obtain a medical card and designate you as a caregiver through ADHS. The patient must complete their online application and be approved prior to you applying as a caregiver.

Step 1: Gather Your Information

Before you start applying, gather all the information that is requested in the Medical Marijuana Program Designated Caregiver Checklist.

This includes:

  • Your state ID, contact information, and proof of citizenship,
  • Your patient’s ID,
  • A current photograph,
  • A credit card, debit card, or pre-paid card to pay the fee,
  • and the ADHS Medical Marijuana Caregiver Attestation Form, filled out and signed by you.

Step 2: Scan or Take Photos

You’ll need to upload a current photo of yourself, a copy of your ID, proof of citizenship, and a signed and dated attestation form. Find details here in the Medical Marijuana Program Designated Caregiver Checklist.

Step 3: Complete the Online Application Process

You’ll need to fill in all the required information you gathered in Step 1 and upload the digital files of the required documents. Then, you’ll be asked to pay the application fee. Press “Continue” and print out the completed application. ADHS will start reviewing your application and let you know whether it is approved.

Step 4: Mail Your Fingerprint Verification Form

The ADHS Medical Marijuana Program Fingerprint Verification Form is not part of the online process, but it needs to be done to complete your certification. Print the form and get it completed and sealed with the assistance of a qualified fingerprint technician—usually located at your local police station. Send the properly packaged fingerprints via USPS to Arizona Department of Health Services, P.O. Box 19000, Phoenix, AZ 85005. Find full instructions here:

Assuming your Designated Caregiver application is approved, you will receive it in the mail at the address you specified in the application. Congratulations— you’re now a Designated Caregiver, and you can use your certification to improve the lives of your patients!