420 Online Doctor Now Providing Service for Arizona Patients

420 Online Doctor Now Providing Service for Arizona Patients

With the state’s new law, telemedicine is available for patients all across AZ to easily obtain medical marijuana certification.

Arizona- 420onlinedoctor.com is an online resource for patients seeking medical marijuana evaluation and certification. They have simplified the application process, making it simple and easy for anyone to receive online evaluations from the comfort of the patient’s own home. Certified doctors use video conference calls to evaluate each candidate and pave the way for successful certification with as little inconvenience and hassle as possible. 420 Online Doctor even provides step-by-step instructions to guide the patients through the process and works to provide a legal and secure means of helping qualified candidates acquire a medical cannabis card.

On May 17, 2016, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law a telemedicine bill, requiring that private health plans pay for telemedicine services across the whole state.  Previously, only services in rural areas of the state were covered. This law became effective as of January 2018. This law still only covers a limited set of telemedicine services, but the inclusion of non-rural areas means that disabled patients or patients that have difficulty traveling may now have better access to these services.

The law is clear that telemedicine services should be treated as if the health care service were provided in person. Any health care contract effective after January 1, 2015, must allow for telemedicine services in the state of Arizona, and can no longer pertain only to rural areas. Any service provided through telemedicine must comply with Arizona’s licensing requirements. Medical professionals that use telemedicine communication to consult and evaluate their patents must still act in accordance with the same standards and practice guidelines as would be given in person.

 Telecommunication and online evaluations help connect the patients with a qualified doctor in an easy manner. By cutting out the stressful aspects of meeting with a doctor for an evaluation, 420onlinedoctor.com provides easy connection for patients, especially those that are disabled or live in rural areas and have trouble finding or getting to an evaluation site.

 “Obtaining medical marijuana can be confusing, stressful, and cumbersome for those that are unsure of what they are doing. Obtaining a medical cannabis card is essential, but the process of being evaluated for certification is difficult for those that need it most. The team at 420nlinedoctor.com makes the process easy so you can get your card and receive treatment quickly.” –Joseph Michelson, Physician

420OnlineDoctor.com uses telemedicine services to make the process of obtaining medical cannabis certification simple and easy. “We want all our patients to get the medicine they need as soon as possible,” explains physician Joseph Michelson. Their team of professionals and doctors simplify the whole process in order to alleviate stress and reach as many patients as possible. Their process is straightforward, and they’ll even walk you through it.

Interested candidates create an online profile. Simply fill out the application on the 420 Doctors Online website. They will contact you to set up a time to speak with a qualified physician through a video conference call. This call will help determine eligibility for the medical cannabis card. When that is done, patients make payments securely online and have the opportunity to print a temporary receipt.

In Arizona, patients must register for medical cannabis with the department of health, using a doctor’s paperwork. 420OnlineDoctor.com offers two options: The patient may register himself, or have the telemedicine company do it for them. When choosing the first option, 420OnlineDoctor.com provides the necessary physician paperwork the next day. When choosing option two, an extra fee applies.

After receiving a recommendation and medical marijuana card, patients can visit a dispensary. Dispensaries and delivery services are how you will receive the medical cannabis after obtaining your card.

“We want to take them away from any stress that comes with a doctors visit that might deter you from applying for your card. With 420OnlineDoctor.com, you don’t have to submit paperwork in person. Instead, you fill out all the forms at home and send them in. We take care of the rest.” –Joseph Michelson, Physician

The physicians at 420OnlineDoctor.com are highly experienced and are experts at helping patients get their medical marijuana card. They work with many different rules, regulations, and people, and know exactly what is needed for a patient to qualify for their card.

Their goals are to help each candidate find a medical physician that is qualified to evaluate their situation via video conference or over the phone, and help them through the process of receiving the evaluation and the steps they should take after the evaluation is complete. Telecommunication allows the physicians at 420OnlineDoctor.com to work with patients that have less access to cannabis evaluations, such as disabled individuals and those in rural areas.

Before applying, 420OnlineDoctor.com recommends that patients research on their own to confirm that they will qualify for the card. This will help streamline the process even more. There are 17 total medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis, including autism, ADHD, mental health problems, cancer, Crohn’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain.

“When you take a little time to do some research before contacting us, you’re more prepared for the consultation. Then our professionals are there answer any questions you might have,” says physician Joseph Michelson. “If you already know that you have a qualifying condition, your odds of approval increase. Any research you do before that call will help us during the evaluation, and you’ll be less stressed for your consultation.” On their website, 420OnlineDoctor.com has a comprehensive list and more details to help you determine if you qualify.

Pre-consultation research can also give you a leg up when it comes to discussing methods of taking the medication. There are several possibilities when it comes to medical cannabis, and knowing which you are most comfortable ahead of time will help. While 420OnlineDoctor.com cannot guarantee that you will get the exact method you prefer when you know what you want, you can discuss it with the physician and they will try to get you medication that you are comfortable with and works best for your condition.

“Arizona allows for many different methods of cannabis consumption, from pills to topicals to vaporization methods. If you’re not sure what method you’re most comfortable with, talk to the physician during your evaluation—they can help you figure out what will work best for your needs” says Joseph Michelson.

Please contact the team at 420onlinedoctor.com with any other questions about the process or concerns about qualifying.

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